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From Furniture to Bee Keeping

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Ive been a professional woodworker and furniture repairing expert since 1979. I started at the local Ethan Allen store as a delivery man. I majored in ART in Memphis under Helen Stahl, a renowned local artist. This art background allowed me to quickly pick up on the needed skills to repair nicks, dents, scratches and general shipping damage that fine furniture suffered.

I still build custom high end pieces, such as board room tables, modifications and so forth for Fedex and local designer/ decorators. Farm tables are still a favorite of mine to create. I'm still available to repair all types of damage in your home or office.

I started "having" bees in 2011, when my daughter, who has always been drawn to and fascinated by bees, wanted her own hive. When she moved to Chicago, I was given the task of babysitting. After a short time, I realized that, not only was having bees a lot of fun/ work... but also very good mental therapy. I found myself many times just sitting out amongst the hives and letting them buzz all around me. It really helped me cope with life.

Next post will get into my jump from 1 beehive to my current involvement with these wonderful marvels of CREATION.

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